Selling on Fyndiq


Fyndiq enables merchants to upload products and manage orders on the Fyndiq platform. For the consumer we provide a marketplace for easy access to a wide variety of products for those small moments of joy. The image above illustrates the flows involved between merchants, Fyndiq and consumers.

Merchant registering account

Each merchant is required to register for a account on the merchant pages, to be able to sell on Fyndiq.

Merchant pages

The merchant pages is the interface where the merchant can view and administer everything related to products, sales, orders etc. on Fyndiq.

For Swedish merchants the pages are located at

For merchants from outside of Sweden, the pages are located at Please contact our Merchant Support at, if you require your merchant pages to be set to English language.

Account for testing

Make a start and test your integration with Fyndiq; Fyndiq will not publish your products nor put them for sell until you are ready to go live. Please contact our Merchant Support at

Merchant uploading products

Uploading of products can be done in two ways. Either through the feed in the API, or manually via the merchant pages.

Should the merchant have more than 100 products for sale, we recommend an integration. For fewer products and for merchants who want to try Fyndiq on a small scale, we recommend uploading products manually via the merchant pages.

Product review process

Fyndiq's product review process means that we look at the products to verify that they are in sync with Fyndiq's product policy and that the text and images hold a quality level in accordance with Fyndiq standards.

Furthermore Fyndiq reviews the categories the products are placed in by the merchant. Merchants can map the products and categories either via the APIv2 - CSV Feed, or by manually assigning categories to products.

If for some reason there is an issue with a merchant's products, the merchant will be informed via e-mail.

The rules and requirements for products are listed in the merchant agreement as well as in the Fyndiq Merchant Wiki.

Order is made

When the products are for sale on Fyndiq, customer orders can be placed.
On Fyndiq, an order from a consumer consists of one or more products from one or more merchants.

When an order is made by a consumer it will be paid instantly by the consumer. The order is made available to the merchant, via the API, the merchant pages and via e-mail. As a merchant you have the responsibility and obligation to ship the order to the customer within 24 hours (working days) after it has been created by the consumer.

Standard time until first delivery attempt to the customer is maximum 5 work days (e.g. order placed on Monday, latest delivery on Monday following week).

There is a delivery note resource available in the API. The delivery note is a PDF containing information on the customer's address details and the order rows pertaining the merchant. It can be seen as a checklist on what to include in the package to this customer for the particular order. This is to easily facilitate picking of orders. It is encouraged, but not required, that the merchant places the delivery note in the package/envelope that is sent to the consumer. In that way the consumer can be ensured that they received what they ordered, and it is also clear to the consumer that they should turn to Fyndiq for support issues. In any case it is prohibited to include any invoice or promotional materials in the package sent to the customer.

Support issues

One of the benefits with Fyndiq as a marketplace is that we handle all correspondence with the consumers. On the delivery notes and in all other communication that Fyndiq has with the consumer, it is clearly communicated that the consumer has bought their items from Fyndiq and should turn to Fyndiq if they need help, have questions, or want to return an item. Fyndiq will handle the customer support and ask the merchant for support via e-mail if required. It is important that the merchant is always responding in a timely manner to support requests from Fyndiq, otherwise Fyndiq will have to take decisions for the merchant. A merchant not responding in a timely fashion to support e-mails from Fyndiq can also be reason for having sales on Fyndiq paused.

Payments and fees

Fyndiq ensures that payments are always received from the customers. The merchant may choose to have payments from Fyndiq in the following ways:

  • Exactly 30 days after the order was made (the next bank day if 30 days would have passed on a weekend)
  • On the first banking day in each month (but at least 30 days after the order was created). This means that payments for any orders made during the month of January 2018 would be payed out on the 1 of March 2018.

Fyndiq will pay out the total order value minus the selling and the category fees. For more information regarding the fees please check the service fee section in our Merchant Wiki.


Because Fyndiq is the merchant of contract for the consumer, the merchant selling via Fyndiq is not required to keep bookkeeping on each individual Fyndiq order. Fyndiq will summarize the orders in the regular payment reports.

These payment reports can be downloaded by the merchant from the merchant pages. There is a summary of the payment in PDF format, and a detailed specification on what the payment contains in a CSV file, for a spreadsheet application.

Published: 21 January 2022