Welcome to Fyndiq's integration documentation!

Fyndiq is a bargain superstore, which provides an easy way for merchants to sell products, while giving consumers an amazing place to shop among hundreds of thousands of products. We exist in Sweden and Germany. Fyndiq makes for a nice experience to the merchant because we take care of customer support, marketing, payment handling etc. As a merchant you just need to sit back, relax, and ship the incoming orders!

The navigation to the left is divided into a couple of sections. Integrating with Fyndiq describes the basics of how Fyndiq works and how we recommend that an integration should look and feel. The purpose is to have a guide on what functionality to integrate and what an integration can look like. Though some of the content here applies to API v1, it's written primarily with API v2 in mind. The main audience is those with technical knowledge as well as those wishing to understand the basic processes and functions for selling on Fyndiq.

The API documentation section describes on a detailed level, and with examples our API and what functionality which is exposed through API v1 and v2. Please note that API v1 is no longer being actively maintained and integrating for API v1 is discouraged. The main audience for this section is developers who will implement an integration towards Fyndiq, super-users who want to broaden their understanding of the API on a technical level.

In the Released Integrations section we list Fyndiq built and third party-built integrations.

Published: 24 July 2017