Can merchants use the Merchant Admin (fyndiq.se/handlare) when also using the API?

While it is technically possible to login to the merchant pages and perform actions, it's the user's responsibility to maintain integrity of their data.
We recommend that a platform that integrates with the Fyndiq API implements all necessary functionality that your users require to operate their business.

I would like to configure firewall rules. Does the IP address of fyndiq.se or fyndiq.de ever change?

We use a static IP, so it will not change on a daily basis.
However we can not guarantee that it will stay the same forever. We reserve the right to change our IP at any given time without prior notice.

I would like to test different actions when placing orders. Do you have any test accounts?

We have special test accounts set up for this purpose.

For test accounts please register a normal Fyndiq merchant account and contact our Merchant Support at seller@fyndiq.com to keep the account in Test-Mode. Fyndiq will not publish your products nor put them for sale until you are ready to go live.

Published: 17 June 2020